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‘Grey Mist’ Chalk Paint, Made By Paint (Hamptons Grey)

A milky soft neutral grey. 'Grey Mist' chalk paint is the essential Hamptons grey, a great alternative to white.

This chalk paint is the ultimate solution for furniture DIY’ers looking to create a Classic Hamptons interior.

Curated by an experienced furniture flipper specialising in Hamptons design, you can be sure that this solution has been made with your every need in mind:

  • 1 litre size giving you the best value for flipping a number of pieces and ideal for spraying furniture  
  • Non-toxic meaning it’s safe for use around family and pets
  • Australian made so no waiting for stock and you can feel great about supporting locally owned and manufactured products 
  • Eco-friendly so you can feel guilt-free in knowing you aren’t contributing to landfill and supporting sustainability practices 

Apply the paint using a chalk paint brush. For a smoother look, apply evenly along the grain, taking care to remove paint drips. For a more weathered or distressed look, apply the paint both along and across the grain.

Surface preparation

Simply ensure your piece is clean and free from peeling paint, dirt, dust, mould and grease. No need to sand prior to application.

If applying over ceramic, glass or timber prone to bleeding apply a coat of Polyseal which acts as both a primer, stain blocker and topcoat.

Number of coats

Touch dry in 30 minutes and can be recoated in 2 hours. Sand between coats where needed to remove any unwanted material. Apply two coats and apply extra coats until the desired opacity is achieved.

Lightly sand the final coat where necessary and seal (as chalk is porous) with a non-toxic topcoat from our finishes collection which includes wax, Polyseal or oil.

Cure time

7 days cure time.


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In short, no! That is the main benefit of using our dedicated furniture paints. 

For most pieces, a good clean is sufficient - the paint is formulated to bond to surfaces. The only times I would recommend you use a primer is over metal, glass, ceramic, bleeding timbers such as Indonesian or mahogany species, which tend to bleed through any paint finish.

In those cases I would recommend using an appropriate base coat or with the bleeding timbers apply one or two coats of Polyseal which incredibly acts as both a blocker/primer and sealant. Who doesn't love a three in one?!

Chalk and Clay Paint is a great paint for those of you who love a rustic, velvety, chalky, matte finish and want the flexbility to spray or distress a piece (chippy, worn look). It's porous by nature so requires additional sealing with PolysealFinishing Wax, or a Finishing Oil for durability. It's a great paint for those of you want complete control over your finish.

It's more economical to use if you're painting large or several pieces given it's availability in a 1L size. 

The Mineral Paint has a built-in satin sealant so it's perfect for those of you who want to flip your pieces quickly and want an 'all-in-one' type paint.

The Mineral Paint line comes in different shades to the Chalk and Clay Paint line and is available in the 500ml size only. 

Yes. Chalk paint is porous, you'll need to seal with a non-toxic topcoat from our finishes collection which includes wax, Polysealor oil.

To give you a rough estimate, this is what I've used for typically sized projects.

Dining room table & 6 chairs - 2 x 1L of Chalk & Clay Paint& 1L of Polyseal

Buffet/sideboard - 1 x 1L of Chalk & Clay Paint& 1L of Polyseal, Finishing Waxor Finishing Oil

Large hutch or wall unit - 2 x 1L Chalk & Clay Paint& 1L of Polyseal, Finishing Waxor Finishing Oil

Coffee table -1L of Chalk & Clay Paint& 500ml of Polyseal, Finishing Waxor Finishing Oil

If you're applying Chalk and Clay Paint I recommend using our natural bristle brushes, it holds the paints well.

You can also use a quality mohair or foam roller if you're more of a roller fan.

Yep you sure can! It takes a while to get the hang of the technique but it will significantly reduce your labour time.

The most economical way to do this is with our 1L tins of Chalk and Clay Paint - you can use either an electric powered or air compressor powered spray gun.

I personally recommend using an air compressor powered Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) gravity fed gun with a 1.0mm - 2.0mm tip.

But why? The reason I prefer it over an electric powered spray gun is the level of control you have over the finish and the paint output. It's also easier and lighter to use than most electric powered guns which tend to be quite bulky. Also, the gravity helps guide the paint down into the tip where electric units need to suck the paint up and it often leads to paint wastage.

Keen to know more or want to buy the gear I have? Check out this step-by-step tutorial to spraying here. I've even got a video tutorial for you.

Yes, our paints and finishes are non-toxic and VOC free.

For further information, click here to read the Safety Data Sheet on Chalk and Clay Paint.

Yes you can! If using Chalk and Clay PaintI recommend sealing with a Finishing Wax.

Be sure to add only small amounts of water to the paint as needed when applying coats, do not dilute the paint too much for an optimal outcome. 

Yes, if the furniture is sheltered and not in direct sunlight. If exposed to full sun then our paint can still be used but we recommend a UV protective topcoat sealant.

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