About Us

Hi, I'm Jayde, owner of 'Fuller's Flips' the one-stop-shop for Hamptons furniture paint & homewares for DIY'ers who want to improve their skills & style with confidence.

We're a one-stop-shop

We're a convenient one-stop-shop for Hamptons chalk paint, finishes, brushes, hardware, homewares AND learning techniques. Our homewares include cushions, wreaths and vases which pair perfectly with the chalk paint shades made for home styling or staging. Shopping with us saves you time going to different sources, precious time that you can put back into your family or doing what you love.

We're a trusted Hamptons authority

Working with us grants you access to a trusted authority on Hamptons interior design and furniture flipping - eliminating the guesswork. You'll benefit from our experience in designing and decorating spaces in our home, design upskilling and curating Hamptons specific paint colours and finishing furniture in different Hamptons styles (yes there's more than one!)

We have local supply networks

Our locally based supply network means you'll get direct access to products and relevant customer service. You don't need to worry about not being able to secure supplies due to overseas supply chain variables (hello COVID-19!)

Products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Our do-it-yourself products are safe for use around children and the environment. Upcycling furniture supports sustainability practices and helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. You can feel guilt-free using our products!

We have a home studio in Victoria Point, Queensland, Australia which you can visit by appointment if you'd like to buy chalk paint and decor in person. 

We love to hear what you think, need and want to see from us - we want to make sure we meet your needs as a customer. 

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