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'Polyseal' Polyurethane Sealant

When you want a family safe alternative to polyurethane and a durable, water-resistant sealant, 'Polyseal' is the answer to achieving Hamptons furniture that’s protected for years to come.

Imagine sealing your newly painted Hamptons dining table in a custom mix of chalk or mineral paints - while never having to think to yourself ‘is this going to be durable?’ or ‘I want protection on my furniture without the modern shine’ again. 

The best bits in a nutshell: 

  • Available in both satin and matte finishes – meaning you can find a durable finish that suits your project or personal preference
  • Primer, stain blocker and sealant all-in-one – so you save time and money sourcing and using extra products to block bleeding tannins from coming through your paintwork
  • For dual use on bare timber and painted surfaces meaning you can protect exposed woodgrain without changing the colour and/or seal chalk or mineral painted furniture
  • Non-toxic and odourless – helping you to protect your family and pets while applying and using your sealed furniture

Other details: 

  • Best-seller
  • Water-based (easily cleaned up with water)
  • Non-yellowing
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Satin Litre size offers best value for application via spray gun (electric or air compressor powered)

Ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean and free from mould, dust, dirt and grease.

Pour out the amount of product needed into a seperate container to prevent cross-contamination and close the tin well so that it's airtight for product longevity.


Using a slightly damp lint-free (Chux) cloth, a good quality bristle brush, foam roller, or electric/air compressor powered spray gun apply a generous amount, in long strokes/sweeps along the grain and smooth out to ensure the surface is evenly coated.

Number of coats

Touch dry in 30 minutes, your piece can be recoated in 2 hours. Normally one coat is sufficient, but should the piece be high traffic or the surface becomes slightly raised after the first coat, lightly sand with a 240 or higher grit sandpaper and apply a second coat.

Cure time

Allow cure for a full 7 days before handling the surface for a durable, water-resistant finish.


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