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‘Driftwood Grey’ Finishing Oil

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Washed out grey never looked so good!

Driftwood Grey Finishing Oil is an easy to apply, odourless clear matte sealant, formulated for use over raw timber and porous Chalk and Milk painted surfaces.

• It delivers superior protection by penetrating the surface, resulting in a highly durable, scratch resistant and waterproof finish.

• It is suitable for interior and exterior use and for high traffic areas, including kitchen cabinets, counter|table tops and children’s furniture.

• Made from a blend of Pure Tung Oil, natural plant oils and waxes, it is an eco friendly product for you and the environment.

• 250ml

• Stir the tin well with a broad, flat stirrer and pour the required amount into a suitable container to work from. Reseal the tin airtight for longevity.

• Use a brush or lint free cloth to apply evenly along the wood grain|painted surface, ensuring all areas are completely coated. Allow 15 minutes for the Finishing Oil to absorb into the surface.

• Wipe off any excess with a lint free cloth and buff until the cloth moves freely. Allow to fully dry with good ventilation – 12 hours in optimum conditions.

• Generally one coat is sufficient, but for high traffic areas a second coat is recommended. Allow 24 hours between coats with no sanding required. If using our colour stains, a sample test is recommended as different wood species and the number of application coats can vary the outcome.

• Allow 7 days for the Finishing Oil to fully cure after application.