Which Hamptons Style Are You?

Hamptons styles

Did you know that there are more than one Hamptons style? 🤔

No? Let me share with you what they are so that you can identify what styles you wish to create or you have in your home.

Classic Hamptons

Classic Hamptons

Classic Hamptons is formal and symmetrical. White or oak furniture that is traditional looking (French furniture is perfect to flip for this look), add orchids, hydrangeas or magnolias (another fave of mine) for greenery. Typified with chinoiserie (blue and white ceramic) accents, silver hardware and a heck of a lot of white, duck egg, soft blue, navy and linen textiles.

📸 @indahisland

Plantation Hamptons

Plantation Hamptons

Plantation Hamptons, think Caribbean or tropical homes, typified by darker timbers and decor. To achieve this look add travel inspired art and collectables and lots of greenery, think palms. Add plantation shutters and open spaces and you've got Plantation Hamptons!

📸 @stylesourcebook

Luxe Hamptons

Luxe Hamptons

Luxe Hamptons is commonly seen in new builds this luxe style is a bit more girly than the classical style. White furniture in a gloss furniture - modern vibes. Can be created with marble finishes and taking a minimal look with accessories. Think a lot of white with subtle accents of colour and a clean look with mixed metals.

📸 @jo.marie_b

Coastal Hamptons

Coastal Hamptons

Coastal Hamptons is a relaxed vibe with natural fibres like rattan, jute and linen. Furniture is typically whitewashed or white. Accented by nautical accents like coral, fish and anchors. Greenery - anything really goes.

If you would like to know which shades of white to use in each of these styles check out my blog post here or view the video below.



Which Hamptons style do you like the most?

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  • I like both Classic and Luxe looking forward to learning more.

  • Feeling excited about The information and hints I will take from this site.

    Kerrie Edmunds

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