How To Spray A Hamptons Sideboard

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How To Spray A Hamptons Sideboard

How To Spray A Hamptons Sideboard

Let me step you through how to spray a Hamptons style sideboard. It's not at difficult as you may think!

Step 1. Sand the top of your piece back with an orbital sander working your way through the 80, 120 and 240 grits. Remove handles with a screwdriver and store screws and hardware safely. 

Step 2. Clean your piece with Sugar Soap, hot water and a Chux thoroughly removing all grime and dirt.

Step 3. Tape off the top with a masking machine, to protect the sanded top from the overspray of paint.

Step 4. Apply Vaseline with a small brush liberally to locks and hinges that you do not wish to remove from the piece, this acts as a barrier to the paint adhering to the hardware. Once you've finished painting, remove the paint and sealant with a rag, it should wipe off easily.

Step 5. Ready your air compressor and fill your gravity fed LVLP (low volume low pressure) paint gun with Made By Chalk and Clay Paint of your choice - I used Lace a vintage white. 

Step 6. Dilute the chalk paint by 10% to ensure a fine finish. Swirl to ensure a mixed consistency and fix lid on gun shut.

Step 7. Put on a protective face mask specially made for painting or to keep out fumes to protect your lungs. 

Step 8. Connect your paint gun to the airhose on the compressor and ensure there is air coming through the hose. Adjust the liquid flow, pattern and air flow dials on your gun till you achieve the right settings for spraying. 

Step 9. Pull trigger and apply up and down strokes along the surface of the sideboard, overlapping each pass slightly. This is your first pass/coat so don't worry about achieving opacity. Don't spray too close to the piece.

Step 10. Let the first coat dry as per the instructed time. Sand the piece with a fine grit sandpaper such as a 320 grit, and wipe off with water. Apply a second coat of chalk paint in the same way you did the first. Let dry.

Step 11. Sand again, and wipe down and apply Polyseal (sealant) to base of sideboard to lock in chalk paint to ensure durability. Let dry.

Step 12. Remove excess paint, sealant and Vaseline from locks and hinges with rag.

Step 13. Remove masking tape and paper from the sideboard top and put on disposable gloves. Apply two coats of Calico Finishing Oil to the surface of the top, using a Chux with long strokes. 

Step 14. With this sideboard, I chose to paint the top's wooden inlay to create interest. Tape off oiled areas with Frog Tape (painter's tape) and paint using two coats of chalk paint. Once dry, then seal the inlay with Polyseal. Remove tape.

Step 15. Let piece cure for 7 days before applying anything on it's surface. Stand back and admire your handywork! 

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