5 Steps To Flip Hamptons Furniture

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5 Steps To Flip Hamptons Furniture

If you're reading this, chances are you love Hamptons and coastal interiors and design. But I understand flipping furniture can be really challenging if you're just starting out.

I'm going to share key steps to set you up for success so you can flip Hamptons furniture with confidence too. 

Step 1 - Sourcing

Ask your network and search Facebook Marketplace and thrift stores for affordable, quality built furniture.

Be resourceful in finding furniture, use your networks - there may be someone you know wanting to offload furniture and you chould be doing them a favour. 

Scour Facebook Marketplace and local thrift stores for gems. While on the hunt, make sure you're vetting the pieces for their build quality and 'transformability' into a Hamptons or coastal piece.

For a classic Hamptons look go for traditional and timeless detailing in the timber, avoid modern clean lines and edges.

Step 2 - Budget

Inspect piece carefully for any repairs (open every drawer and door) and calculate related costs. Purchase if the price is within your budget.

Whether the piece is for your home, a gift for someone else, or for resale you need to set a firm budget.

Don't over-capitalise on cost for repairs - sometimes it's better to walk away if a piece is looking too costly or is beyond your skill level.

Are you going to change the knobs or handles? Factor that into your budget.

Step 3 -  Vision

Decide whether you want to paint, stain your piece or both! Think about your chosen design aesthetic and select your colour and stain accordingly.

This is where you create your vision for the piece. Realising your vision is achieved by your paint selection and/or whether you want to remove an existing finish and stain your woodgrain. 

If you're going for a coastal Hamptons look, whites like 'Oyster' chalk paint and 'Cotton White' mineral paint paired with 'Organic White' stain are a great combination.

Are blues more your style? Pair 'Navy Sail' mineral paint with 'Walnut' finishing oil or 'Old Blue' chalk paint with 'Calico' finishing oil.

Step 4 - Prep and paint

Remove hardware, sand (where you want to stain), repair and clean piece then spot block/prime if required. Apply first coat of chalk paint (brush or spray) and stain to wood and wait for recommended time before applying subsequent coats.

Now that you've got your vision, paint/stain selected you'll need to remove any hardware from your piece you don't want paint/stain on.

Tend to repairs.

Clean your piece with Sugar Soap or TSP and let dry.

If your piece is mahogany, a red based wood or Indonesian wood, you'll likely need to prime or spot-block tannin bleed through with 'Polyseal' or a shellac.

Go ahead and apply your chalk paint, mineral paint with a brush, roller or spraygun or stain using gloves and a foam brush. Remember, the first coat won't look great in terms of opacity, that's totally normal. The subsequent coats will help to address this.

If you want a more in depth guide to applying chalk paint check out my 'Beginner's Guide To Chalk Painting Furniture.'

Step 5 - Seal

Inspect paint job and touch up as required before applying a coat of sealant. Allow full cure time and marvel at your Hamptons or coastal artistry.

Once your coats of paint have been applied, inspect your piece carefully for runs, chips, bits you may have missed and address accordingly.

Decide on what finish you want your piece to have and apply after seven days to allow paint to cure - all chalk paint must be sealed as it's porous.

  • Waxes are great for low-mid traffic pieces and you can buff it to a sheen.
  • 'Polyseal' is optimal on high traffic pieces like dining chairs or desks.
  • Oils can give a nice sheen and looks wonderful over darker paint colours.

Carefully re-apply hardware after your paint and finish has cured. 

Step back and marvel at your artistry! 

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August 27, 2022

I’ve been reading your articles and find them very helpful but am quite anxious to start as I’m sure most people are.
Where are you located because you have said you can pick up orders by appointment but couldn’t find your location.
I’m sure delivery costs are quite expensive with tins of paint etc, but I’m very excited to find an Australian website that understands our conditions.

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