How To Chalk Paint Classic Hamptons Sidetables

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How To Chalk Paint Classic Hamptons Sidetables

Want to learn how to chalk paint bedside tables for a classic Hamptons interior?


Pine side tables like the ones in the video are as common as they come, being mass manufactured in the 80s and 90s.

I have a guest bedroom that currently has Ikea Malm bedsides, a reminder of my early 20s share house days. Well sisters, it’s time to say buh-bye to the flat pack and hello to something fresh, bright and oh so classically Hamptons.

I picked these up from an op-shop as they met the brief perfectly. VJ look panelled sides – YES. Timber was in good condition and functioning flawlessly – YES!

Let me walk you through the steps I took:

Step 1. I sanded the tops with my orbital sander, starting with an 80 grit, then a 120 grit then a 240 grit to ensure a smooth finish. I used my trusty mesh/net sanding discs.

Step 2. Removed the knobs from the draws and filled the holes with timber-fill, along with other gouges and scratches to the wood. Once the fill was dry, I sanded back the excess.

Step 3. Thoroughly cleaned the sidetables with SugarSoap and rinsed with water and a Chux. I taped off the table tops with Frog Tape to avoid getting excess paint on them.

Step 4. I painted the sidetables and drawers with our brightest white ‘Aspen’ (250ml tin) using a large and small Gava chalk paint brush, after decanting the paint into a container. It needed 3 coats to reach complete opacity.

Step 5. After letting the paint cure, I applied one coat of ‘Polyseal’ with a damp Chux to both sidetables over ‘Aspen’ to lock in the chalk paint for a lasting finish.

Step 6. Wiped on two coats of ‘Calico Finishing Oil’ to give that whitewashed effect. Let cure for 7 days before placing anything on the tops.

Step 7. Add traditional cup handles to drawers.

There you have it! From beginning to end, how I chalk painted a set of classic Hamptons sidetables.

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Michelle Sharpe
Michelle Sharpe

February 01, 2021

I would love to transform some furniture but don’t know where to start. This would be so beneficial

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