Choosing The Correct White Chalk Paint For Your Piece

January 04, 2021

Choosing The Correct White Chalk Paint For Your Piece

I get it. It's overwhelming. There are sooo many shades of white chalk paint - where the heck do you start? Take a deep breath and let me guide you.


The first thing you should know, is that all white paints are created with a pure white base. Think super bright, blinding white. The base is then tinted with warm tones typically brown, red or yellow or cool tones typically black, blue or green.

In my experience, white Hamptons furniture falls into two categories:

Bright, cool and crisp

A pure/true white, which really pops against cool navy or soft blue textiles.

If painting a piece in your home in a bright white, you need to consider your wall colour, the textiles (fabrics) of your chairs/couch, cushions, curtains and other timber furniture pieces.

Are the fabrics mainly warm or cool? Do you have other timber furniture (exposed grain) in the room? If so, are they warm or cool? If your wall, textiles and timbers are mainly cool, it's probably best to stick with a bright white.

The colour match for a bright white is 'Aspen' with a subtle undertone of grey.

Bright whites are best suited in Classic and Luxe Hamptons styles (read here if you're unsure of your style).

Looking for a matching finishing oil? Use the grey toned 'Driftwood Grey' or white 'Calico White.'

Natural, warm and neutral

Coastal Hamptons

Warmer whites are welcoming and suited to traditional homes and are perfectly suited to Coastal and Plantation Hamptons styles.

If your space has a warm toned wall, rattan, jute, warm oak timbers or natural linens, it's best to stick with a natural or warm white.

Plantation Hamptons


Colour matches for a natural white include 'Oyster' a delicate off-white, which looks almost taupe, and 'Lace' a vintage white. Use finishing oils 'Walnut Brown' or 'Natural Satin' for a warm match made in heaven!

Check out this video for an up close look at each of these shades:



I hope this has helped you understand the different Hamptons whites - it's all in the undertone 😎

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